Focus on Rural Ontario

While data is available on a community basis directly from Statistics Canada, analysis across Ontario geographies requires a significant investment of time to differentiate any rural versus urban trends.

Organizations or municipalities in rural and small town Ontario may not have the resources to compare local happenings with broader trends. ROI has commissioned Ray Bollman, former Chief of Statistics Canada Rural Research Group, to fill this gap by analyzing data and producing these resources.


Special Issues 2020/2021: Covid-19 Impact on Rural Ontario

2017 Series

2017 Focus on Rural Ontario - Compiled Edition (PDF)

Selected Demographics


Income: Levels of Income

Income: Sources of Income

2016 Series + Census Demographic Update

2016 - Focus on Rural Ontario - Compiled Edition (PDF)

Rural Ontario's Demography: Census Update 2016 

Rural Demographic Update for Canada, Provinces and Territories: Results from the 2016 Census of Population

Employment Trends

Precarious Employment 2016/2017



2014 Series

2014 - Focus on Rural Ontario - Compiled Edition (PDF)




Migration by age group

Set Living arrangements of seniors

Youth employment

Building Permits