Rural Transit

Rural transit and Community Transportation (CT)

This section provides information resources on rural transit and transportation solutions.  It represents an archive of information compiled over a five year period when ROI conducted the Accelerating Rural Transportation Solutions partnership project and then created and supported the Ontario Community Transportation Network for three years along with the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition.  With the cessation of Network funding the information resources are no longer being actively curated and updated.  Nonetheless, many of the information resources remain relevant.

What is Community Transportation and why is it important?

Community Transportation refers to all of the transportation services and resources that exist within a community which are available to help meet community transportation needs. These can include: municipally-funded transportation, privately owned transportation services, volunteer driver programs, vans that not-for-profit organizations own and operate for seniors or people with disabilities, shuttle buses for commuting students and workers, and other programs. CT initiatives are designed specifically for the communities they serve, and in direct response to the needs identified by those communities.

CT services enable people to access education, training, employment, goods (such as food and clothing), health services, social programs, entertainment, and other resources and activities that they might not otherwise be able to.  CT focuses on devising and delivering practical and innovative solutions to addressing community needs, while at the same time helping to combat social exclusion and improving health status, enhancing civic engagement, promoting economic generation, and achieving environmental sustainability. 


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