BUILD Leadership Training


We BUILD sustainable organizations.
We BUILD stronger sectors.
We BUILD brighter futures.


Many agricultural and rural organizations are under intense pressure in an era of unprecedented change and growth. There is also a growing absence of capacity, resources, tools and strategies on the ground to encourage, support and enhance the skill sets of those within organizations. There is a need for cultivating and energizing groups of current and emerging leaders who are capable of taking organizations into the future.

BUILD Leadership is a fully customized training program for organizations that have identified the need for leadership development. It is typically delivered in a multi-day, multi-seminar format and content is developed based on the needs of the organization. ROI can be involved in coordinating the logistics of the seminars as little or as much as the organization requires.

Some topics covered in past BUILD Leadership programs:

  • Personal and organization discovery and assessment
  • The leadership journey
  • Leadership styles
  • Governance and meeting management
  • Dealing with people
  • Volunteerism
  • Organization responsibilities
  • Dynamics of change
  • Communications
  • Organization succession planning

For more information on customized leadership programming, please contact Gabe Ferguson at 519-826-4204 or