Rural Ontario Facts

Rural Ontario Facts

There are many sources of data and information that can be used to shed light on rural issues and opportunities. It can be difficult for rural communities or organizations to obtain, analyze and interpret complex data from various sources into easily understood facts.  

ROI presents Rural Ontario Facts - a series of factsheets supported by interactive dashboards. Each dashboard includes statistics, maps and other visualizations that make it easy to understand rural and regional trends. The factsheets provide insight and analysis of rural facts and trends featured in the dashboards. 

 Dashboards & Factsheets

Rural Ontario Facts Feedback

The Rural Ontario Institute (ROI) wants to know what matters to your rural Ontario community. 
Through the Rural Ontario Facts series, ROI seeks to fill the rural data gap by analyzing data and producing easy to use resources. Your feedback will inform this work through the development of meaningful fact sheets relevant to your community.


Check out OMAFRA's new rural Ontario statistics webpage to explore
rural trends over time in Ontario!

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