Data Points


  • Housing and Homelessness Plan Annual Report link
  • Most recent Official Plan

Asset Map includes the following within a 1-hour drive of the selected municipalities:

  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Arenas/Community/Rec Centres


  • Population
  • Population Change (2016-2021)
  • Age distribution by Gender
  • Households by size (1-5+ people)



  • Single-parent households
  • Number of owner households
  • Number of renter households
  • Number of households in band housing


Number of people on the by name priority list

A By-Names Prioritized List is a list of people experiencing homelessness in a community. It includes a robust set of data points that support coordinated access and prioritization at a household level and an understanding of homeless inflow and outflow at a system level. This real-time actionable data supports triage to services, system performance evaluation, and advocacy for the policies and resources necessary to end homelessness.


  • Total Labour Force
  • Average Household Income
  • Median Household Income
  • Top Jobs by Industry




  • Number of people in low-income status
  • Median Individual Income
  • Average individual income
  • Unemployment rate


> Number of households spending 30% of income on shelter costs
> Average/median value of dwelling
> Monthly Shelter Costs

Average rent per month for 1, 2 and 3 plus bedroom apartments

Average market rent visuals


  • Housing Corporation-operated housing units
  • Municipally-operated housing units
  • Partnerships to supply attainable or affordable housing
  • Number of Dwellings (single detached, semi, row, apartment & other)
  • Number of housing in need of repair
  • Monthly permit data


RHIS Permits Bar Graph Visualization



  • Affordable housing Exemptions and Waivers
  • Affordable housing Municipal Grants and incentives:
    • Name of Municipal Grant or Incentive
    • Amount (Eg. Dollar amount, full/partial tax incentive, etc...)
  • The current status of Development Charges application


  • Zoning Summary Table
    • Residential Zoning Types and permissible builds
    • Commercial/Industrial Zoning Types that permit multi-residential above
  • Link to Zoning by-law
  • Interactive Zoning Map


Zoning Map includes:

  • Settlement boundaries
  • Servicing areas
  • Multi-dwelling zoning (3 or more dwelling units permitted).



The Community Comparison tool brings all data points and available locations on the RHIS into one easy table.


Other Resources

Data Sources and Definitions

The Data Sources and Definition page provides context about where the data within the RHIS is sourced and data methodology.


The Tutorial page includes videos about every page in the RHIS and how to navigate through the system effectively. A great reference as you learn to use the system.