Rural Change Makers

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    Join the Rural Ontario Institute for an informational webinar to learn how you can be a Change Maker or nominate a Change Maker to lead other community members while tackling a high priority issue.

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    Our live webinars are complete, please listen to this pre-recorded informational webinar.

  • Here's Rachel's story of being a Change Maker in Perth County

  • Learn more about:

     > How to mobilize action within your community.

     > How to build your own network of Change Makers

     > How to earn a certificate in Community Development

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    Rural Change Makers Application

  • Are you interested in making a difference in your rural community?

    Are you between 18 and 29 and live in rural Ontario?

    Do you want to be part of a network of rural change makers from across the province?

    If you answered yes, we invite you to fill out an application to be a part of the Rural Change Maker pilot program.

Rural Change Makers Nomination

  • Do you know someone you feel should be part of the Rural Change Maker journey? 

    Email their name and contact information to and we will reach out to share the program details ans application form.


    More information:

    The Rural Ontario Institute is piloting a program that will prepare young adults to mobilize action for their community. Up to 30 motivated young adults will be selected by application to join the experience. These leaders will participate in a series of developmental training webinars, be connected with each other on-line, come together for a face-to-face customized, experiential event.  This will support them to take action on a challenge/opportunity that they have helped their community to select. Additional personalized coaching will take place, as-needed, either in-person, phone or via email.

As the Change Makers are being prepared they will organize at least two events: 

  1. A “discovery session” with local stakeholders and community members focusing on an asset-based approach and linking them with allies in their mobilization efforts; 
  2. A “community action lab” or event oriented at producing an action plan towards a short-term concrete project that will be the focus of their initial steps in effecting the change they want to see in their community. 
This program will help young adults gain the confidence and build their networks to mobilize action with their community. The aim of the new program is to: 
  • Build rural youth leadership capacity
  • Catalyze impactful rural development outcomes for communities and regions
  • Broaden public engagement in rural development initiatives
The Rural Change Makers pilot program has a value of $4800 per participant. Participants will receive all of the above at no cost, as the Rural Ontario Institute has been awarded a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs.

If you are selected for the pilot you will receive at no cost to you:

  • instructional learning via webinars on Community Development;
  • certification from Campus for Communities of the Future upon successful completion of the program;
  • the opportunity to join other rural change makers at a two day workshop to prepare you to lead your community while tackling a priority;
  • coaching support throughout your journey.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Vicki at