Success Stories

There are over 500 AALP graduates in leadership positions in Ontario's agriculture and food industry and throughout rural communities across the province.

  • 96% of participants indicated they were satisfied with their program experience.
  • 82% of participants have taken on additional leadership roles post-graduation.

Source: Program Evaluation, University of Florida, 2014

What our grads are saying...

"AALP was a milestone that changed my life. It led me to step up in my community to lead my local Federation of Agriculture and then the provincial board. AALP broadened my perspective of Ontario agriculture’s issues and strengths."

-AALP Class 12 graduate

"Although it has been many years since I graduated, the ideas learned, contacts made and leaders met still have a great influence on my leadership activities."

-AALP Class 1 graduate

"AALP has helped me to become a more professional person and a better chair. It is hard to find training opportunities that can help primary producers better themselves so they can in turn help their organizations. I gained confidence and improved my communication with others."

-AALP Class 14 graduate

"Because of AALP, I am able to make more informed decisions. The wealth of knowledge, insight and understanding of the agri-food industry gained from my classmates and experiences could never be learned from a textbook or any number of one-day courses."

-AALP Class 6 graduate