New Research Initiative Focused on Gender-Based Violence Impacts on Temporary Foreign Workers in Can

Date: February 27, 2023

An exciting new project starts off the year for Dr. Silvia Sarapura who is the recipient of a SSHRC Knowledge Synthesis Grant 2022- 2023 to look at how gender-based violence (GBV) impacts temporary foreign workers (TFW) in Canada's agricultural sector. Four SEDRD graduate students will support this project, including Margarita Fontecha, Charlotte Potter, Regan Zink and Nicole Cupolo. 

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Broad trends versus local changes - Scale matters!

Date: February 23, 2023

ROI recently published a factsheet about Racial Diversity in rural Ontario. While the numbers showed that racial diversity did not increase for rural Ontario as a whole since 2016, some rural communities saw significant change. 

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AALP Class 19's International Study Tour: Last day in Greece

Date: February 13, 2023

​Our last day in Greece was a travel day, but true to form AALP Class 19 made time for one last site tour before we checked in at the airport.  

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AALP Class 19's International Study Tour: Day 10 in Greece

Date: February 3, 2023

As AALP Class 19 starts our tenth day in Greece, we look forward to what the day brings.  Our first stop is to the American Farm School (AFS) which was founded in 1904 by John Henry House.  He was an American missionary who wanted to make sure the local people had the proper skills and farming techniques.  AFS has a mixture of the Greek and American culture within the campus and many American organizations donate to the school.  

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