AALP Class 19's International Study Tour: Last day in Greece

Date: February 13, 2023

Author: Tracey Arts, AALP Class 19 Participant

​Our last day in Greece was a travel day, but true to form AALP Class 19 made time for one last site tour before we checked in at the airport. 

In 2011, in order to reduce it's carbon footprint the Athens International Airport inaugurated the largest unified Photovoltaic park at an airport worldwide. The Photovoltaic park produces approximately 11 million KW of electricity annually.  The success of the park has contributed to the expansion that will be completed in the next few months.  This will bring the Photovoltaic park to 56 megawatts, continuing to reduce the airports carbon footprint.

Class 19 ended their Greece tour in the same way it started, missing the connection flight in Frankfurt Germany.  To say it felt like something out of a movie would be accurate, 18 people running across the terminal to try to make the connection only to have the gate door closed in our face.  We almost made it!  This is where Class 19 parted ways, as not all of us were able to get on the same flight home the next day. 



During our overnight stay in Frankfurt, we were able to enjoy a walk where we came across the Berlin Airlift Memorial.  The Berlin Airlift provided food, fuel and medicine to the West Berliners that were cut off from the rest of the world by a Soiviet Union imposed surface transportation blockade.  Even though we were disappointed not to make it home on our scheduled flight, this was an opportunity that we would not have gotten to experience if we had.

A day later than expected, AALP Class 19 finally arrived in Canada with our knowledge on a global scale broadened and a new appreciation for other markets. During our travels we made new friends and memories with our Class 19 classmates that will last a lifetime.