ROI issues 2 Requests For Proposals

Date: February 9, 2021

Request For Proposals

The Rural Ontario Institute is seeking outside expertise for two activities it is undertaking:

  1. an organizational review, which would include assessment of alternative staffing structures as well as exploration of social enterprise business models; and, 
  2. development of several fundraising campaign strategies

Each of the two RFPS can be found here: 

Organization Review RFP

Fundraising RFP

Message from ROI Board Chair: 

The organizational development stream of work will involve working with the Board as it undertakes succession planning.  Our current Executive Director Norman Ragetlie signalled his intent to retire from the ED role in 2021 at the time he took the reins from Rob Black in 2018.  Meanwhile, like many organizations across the province, COVID-19 has presented some additional and unexpected challenges as well as opportunities for ROI to transform the way we deliver on mission and vision.  We are focused on embracing the opportunities while negotiating the challenges.  To this end, we are seeking assistance from providers/stakeholders with organizational development expertise.   Do not hesitate to share the RFP within your networks if you know a group/individual who has the appropriate credentials, the experience and the interest in helping the Institute on this path.   

Sincerely, Suzanne Trivers