Provincial Election Questions for Parties and Candidates

Date: March 28, 2018

ROI had tremendous response to our Rural Priorities survey to identify rural and northern priorities which informed the questions we have prepared for the election and are making available for stakeholders. Questions have been formulated for the top ten priorities. The downloadable file below can be printed and taken to all candidates meetings and asked of those seeking to become your MPP. ROI will also send these along to the campaign at each of the four main parties (Liberal, PC, NDP, Green) and ask for a formal response about the parties’ platforms, which will be published on the ROI website. 

Rural Priorities Election Questions & top 20 concerns

Of course, the top ten priorities from the survey don’t necessarily respond to a significant local concern you may have.  To view all the results and their relative ranking among 50 some concerns by the over 600 respondents to our unscientific, on-line survey sample click here