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The Importance of Rural Data in Developing Appropriate Response Plans (2021)

In this webinar, University of Guelph's Profesor Leith Deacon talks about the results of his most recent research project identifying vulnerable populations, emergent mental health, and economic concerns generated by COVID-19 in Huron and Perth Counties. He also discusses how the data gathered by his research team can be used for preparedness and response to other crises facing rural areas.


Stories of Rural Entrepreneurship (2019) 

The Rural Entrepreneurship Case Studies highlight a range of approaches to entrepreneurship programming being implemented in rural communities throughout the province. 

Repurposing Public Space

Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs

Win This Space


Community Demonstration Projects (2019)

Through the Measuring Rural Community Vitality: Community Demonstration Projects, ROI worked alongside three community partners noted above on rural community vitality and well-being projects. These projects go further than the fact-finding, reporting and collection of community well-being indicators - they engage local community members in processes that build capacity for effective action and collaboration. 

Combatting Social Isolation – Chigamik Community Health Centre

Food Security – Prince Edward County

Connecting Families to Services – Middlesex County


How to tell your story with video. ROI commissioned Powerline Films to curate a Youtube playlist focusing on simple tips and tools you can use to produce high-quality videos on a budget:

Watch the full playlist here: How to Tell Your Story with Video 

Newcomer Engagement Case Studies (2017)

Summary Report Video

Dufferin County:

Huron County:

Northumberland County:

Youth Engagement Showcase 2015/2016:

Youth Engagement Showcase 2016/2017:

Measuring Rural Community Vitality Initative