Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program

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The Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program (AALP) is an 18-month experiential executive leadership program for those who want to shape the future of the agriculture and food industry and make a positive difference in rural communities across Ontario.

Each Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program Class is created with attention to the diversity of participants. Participants are chosen so that peer-to-peer mentorship, interrelationships and a broad network are developed. Class participants are chosen for their different backgrounds, offering unique viewpoints and enabling thought-provoking, balanced discussion of critical issues. 

The curriculum includes a series of seminars, study tours – North American and international – and small group issues analysis projects for agriculture, food and rural community clients. There is approximately 45 days of in-session programming. Program focus is on building foundational skills and providing the context for practicing them in a safe but challenging environment. Curriculum adapts with relevant topics for each class to promote new multi-stakeholder approaches while developing critical self-analysis.

Study topics include government and political systems, marketing and economics, national and international trade, communication and organization skills, self-awareness and interrelationships, negotiation and decision making, consumers and social licence, media relations, agri-food trends, globalization and the dynamics of change. 

Experts guide participants to apply forward-thinking leadership skills through interactive workshops. With over 460 alumni across Ontario, access to advanced talent, cutting-edge technology and lesson-sharing site visits put you on a trajectory to success and fulfilment.

If you are looking to be inspired by change agents, to open your mind to seeing things differently and to discover what is next for you, join the Advanced Agricultural Leadership Program to become part of a network of catalysts driving the future of agriculture, food and rural communities.

For more detailed program and interview information, please read AALP Orientation/Interview and FAQ

In order to highlight successful completion of the program, an AALP Alumnus logo (below) has been created for AALP grads. AALP Alumni are encouraged to use the logo on business cards, email signatures, etc. Please get in touch if you would like a high-res version of the logo for your own use.

AALP alumnus logo


AALP is appreciative of all endowments that have been received. These gifts continue to grow and finance a portion of program costs for each AALP class. Current endowments include the Ken McKinnon Memorial Fund, Wm. A. Stewart Endowment, George Dmetriuc Memorial Fund and W. Garfield Weston Endowment.

AALP Advisory Committee

  • Teresa Van Raay*, Chair
  • Sara Avoledo*
  • Aaron Breimer*
  • Megh Burke*
  • Clinton Buttar*
  • Matt Langford*
  • Brad Lichty*
  • Karen Mansfield*
  • Carol Maki*
  • Nathan Stevens*
  • Rick Berthiaume, OMAFRA
  • John Zandstra, Curriculum Advisor, University of Guelph
  • Norm Ragetlie, Chief Executive Officer, Rural Ontario Institute
  • Tanya Stuart, Communications & Project Manager, Rural Ontario Institute

* Indicates AALP graduate