Class Application

Form Instructions:

Applications are now closed.

This application form is an online fillable form and includes 27 questions, with both short and long answer questions. It is anticipated that you will complete the form over numerous sessions. Each page will time out after 2 hours, so please make sure to save your work (clicking the 'Next' button works as a save function).

A pop-up box with your uniqe ID number will appear once Next' is clicked on the first page of the form. Please ensure that you save this number as it is required to log back in to the form. 

If you forget your unique ID number, you can contact Tanya at to retrieve it.

The application form is divided into pages, with each page saving as you move to the next. The form has back, next and logout buttons, making it easy to go back and add or edit any of your answers.

The short-answer questions have a word cap of 250, and the longer questions have a word length of 500.

In order to submit the application, a signed Participant Commitment Form (below) is required with your application. The Business Partner Form and Employer Commitment forms (both below) are dependent on your employment situation. You will need to download the appropriate forms, have them filled out and signed, and upload them at the end of the application form. 

For more detailed information on the program and interview process, please read the AALP Orientation/Interview Information. The Curriculum Overview can be viewed here. The Knowledge & Skills Framework is here.