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2016 Municipal Councillor Profile

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Interested in rural statistics? Focus on Rural Ontario is a series of two-page fact sheets providing socio-economic data and trends for rural Ontario geographies. Click here to see all available fact sheets.

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An examination of retention factors among registered practical nurses in north-eastern Ontario - May 2015

Health Care in Canada, 2011 - A Focus on Seniors and Aging

Distance matters: a population based study examining access to maternity services for rural women - June 2011

Population density, call-response interval, and survival of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest - April 2011

A technical framework for costing health workforce retention schemes in remote and rural areas - April 2011

An evaluation of access to health care services along the rural-urban continuum in Canada - January 2011

Drive time to cardiac rehabilitation: at what point does it affect utilization? - June 2010

Mental Health Services in Smaller Northern Ontario Communities: A Survey of Family Health Teams - May 2010

Mental Health Services in Smaller Northern Ontario Communities: A Survey of Psychiatric Outreach Consultants - May 2010

Exploring the Socio-Economic Impact of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine - 2009

Visiting-Specialist Services to Improve Access and Outcomes for Isolated Populations - December 2007

Full-Time/Part-Time Employment of Nurses in Small Hospitals in Rural and Northern Ontario: Current Status, Issues and Options - August 2006

KO Telehealth/North Network Expansion Project: Final Evaluation Report - March 2006

The Link between Rural Medical Education and Rural Medical Practice Location: Literature Review and Synthesis - August 2005

Integrated Service Plan for Northwestern Ontario: Report of the Special Advisor, Tom Closson - June 2005

A Review and Synthesis of Strategies and Policy Recommendations on the Rural Health Workforce - 2003

A Strategy for Developing Environmental Health Indicators for Rural Canada - 2002

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Rural Ontario Summit

2014 Rural Ontario Summit - March 3, 2014 - proceedings and presentations