Measuring Rural Community Vitality

Measuring Rural Community Vitality

The Rural Ontario Institute (ROI) has engaged a number of organizations and municipalities in a 30-month initiative which began in 2015 and wraps up in 2017. The initiative encompassed seven projects, each of which has its own timelines, collaborators and objectives. They are loosely linked by a concern for deepening understanding of effective practices for quantifying civic engagement, understanding the role of social capital and exploring how to measure various aspects of community well-being in a rural context. The themes reflect "hard to measure" intangibles that are nevertheless central to rural community vitality. The projects are diverse and include topics such as leadership succession on Councils, youth engagement and building capacity for local data analysis, among others. The initiative is being conducted with support of a Ministry of Municipal Affairs Research and Analysis Grant.



HC Link hosted a Measuring Rural Community Vitality webinar in May 2017. Access the recording, slides and resources here


For further information please contact:

Mark Cassidy
Project Manager
Rural Ontario Institute
P: 519-826-4204