Guest Blog: Ontario Community Hubs Summit 2017 Overview - Boot Camp

Date: May 11, 2017

Day 3: Boot Camp

This programme was delivered by the Nonprofit  Centers Network. It focused on the nuts and bolts of getting a community hub operating and sustained. The focus was on service integration in an urban setting, and was very thorough in its attention to planning, sustainability, collaboration and measuring success. Although useful, this information did not clearly align with our goal of creating school/community hubs in rural and remote communities with one school. In conversation afterward with Karen Pitre, the Premier's advisor on community hubs, we discussed this gap. She was well aware of it and indicated support for addressing it. To begin with, I have requested a networking search category on the Ontario Community Hubs website for "Rural Education". If anyone is interested in networking about rural and remote schools, you can connect at and watch for the "Rural Education" area of interest.