Because of the small number of students in the schools in the Northern Bruce Peninsula, residents have felt under the threat of school closures for many years.  In 2014, a citizens' group, the Peninsula Action Committee for Education (PACE), was formed to be proactive in seeking out creative solutions for education that meets the needs of our municipality. PACE has since partnered with the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula to undertake a community project that will develop a growth mindset around the issue.

The Ontario government is inviting Ontarians to submit ideas on how to make Ontario the most open and digitally connected government in Canada. This is an opportunity to communicate about what can make the government’s transparency aspirations real – we urge you to contribute your rural voice!



Oxford County shared the data results from the Community Wellbeing Survey Wednesday, which suggests that more than three quarters of Oxford residents feel satisfied with their community as a place to live. (The survey was produced in collaboration with the Rural Ontario Institute.) Read the full story here. Read the report here.


Through the Rural Lens

Date: July 25, 2016

Sheila Schuehlein, Project Lead for The Huron County Healthy Rural Policy Lens initiative in collaboration with the ROI recently facilitated an educational workshop with the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce students to the Healthy Rural Policy Lens to see first-hand how the tool helps the user identify unforeseen issues and opportunities from a uniquely rural perspective. (read the full story here)

AALP Blog: Heading home

Date: July 13, 2016

Class 16 spends the last day of their North American Study Tour at a Niagara winery. 

Learning from Smart Services and Shared Infrastructure projects in rural British Columbia.

AALP Class 16 spends a day in Pennsylvania learning the RULEs of Leadership.

From Gettysburg to baseball games, fireworks and more. 

The group spends a day at various farms, learning about the challenges and benefits to agricultural and urban spaces sharing proximity.

AALP Class 16 enjoys the historical sites of Washington, DC.