Youth Engagement Showcase

The call for nominations for the 2016/17 Youth Engagement Showcase (YES) is now closed. Profiles of the nominated youth and video of the two youth chosen to speak at the ROMA speaks conference is up on the Youth Engagement Showcase Stories page. 

The 2017/18 YES call for nominations will open in early September 2017.

What is an Engaged Rural Youth?

Activities: The combined energies, knowledge and skill of engaged residents fuel the engine of community wellbeing. Civic engagement, for the purpose of this initiative, encapsulates a wide variety of activities, aimed at community betterment. Some examples of civic engagement include, but are not limited to:

•    Local volunteering
•    Fundraising
•    Recreational event planning
•    Advocacy

•    Debate
•    Activism
•    Participating in a committee
•    Formal political involvement

Geography: This is a rural showcase – what is the geography that qualifies? We are looking to showcase youth from rural communities who themselves are engaged in rural communities. We do understand, however, it may not always be that simple. Please try to identify the nature of the geography(s) at play.

Age: Youth is considered to be individuals 29 and under. We may also consider those who are older with strong histories of civic engagement, though preference

About Your Nominee: What do I include in my nomination?

Civic Engagement Activities: List any specific activities the nominee has initiated, participated in or supported. Be specific about what these activities entailed.

Programming & Organizations: List the different programming and/or organizations they have been involved in that have supported their civic engagement.

Impact: Identify any tangible success stories/outcomes stemming from their engagement. How have they improved the community(s) they have been working in?

Motivations and Inspirations: List any known motivations/inspirations they have for civic engagement: 

•    Personal values
•    Family history
•    Role models

•    Specific experiences
•    Future personal/career ambitions
•    Organizations

You can view the videos created about last year's nominees here.