Focus on Rural Ontario

Focus on Rural Ontario is a series of two-page fact sheets providing socio-economic data and trends for rural Ontario geographies.

Data is available on a community by community basis directly from Statistics Canada, but analysis across Ontario geographies requires significant investment of time to differentiate any rural/urban trends. Smaller non-profits or municipalities in rural and small town Ontario would typically not have the expertise or the time to compare what was happening locally with broader rural or urban trends. Without this kind of understanding, the development of effective regional strategies or local plans is difficult. 

ROI commissioned Ray Bollman to pull together and describe rural Ontario socio-economic data and trends in the Focus on Rural Ontario fact sheet series.


  • Provide easily digestible information on  demographic and socio-economic trends  in rural Ontario and with comparison to urban geographies
  • Create easy access to information which can be updated on a periodic basis  to increase monitoring and tracking  capabilities 
  • Support local action planning processes, business planning, economic analysis, policy development and/or public investment strategies with reliable, relevant statistical reference points 


2015 - Compiled Edition

Set 6 - Volunteering and Philanthropy in Non-Metro Ontario

Volunteering in Non-Metro Ontario

Why Individuals Volunteer

Charitable Giving in Non-Metro Ontario

Why Individuals Donate

Appendix Charts: Volunteering and Giving

Set 5 - Income Levels and Trends in Rural Ontario

Non-Metro Income Levels and Trends

Non-Metro Incidence of Low Income

Non-Metro Low Income Gap

Non-Metro Income Inequality

Appendix Charts: Income Levels and Trends

Set 4 - Sector Analysis in Non-Metro Ontario

Agriculture and Food Related

Forestry, Mining, Oil and Gas


Non-food Manufacturing

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Arts, Information, Recreation and Culture

Wholesale and Retail Trade

Appendix Charts: Employment Trends by Industry Sector

Appendix Charts: Ontario GDP by Sector 1997 to 2014

Set 3 - Employment in Non-Metro Ontario

Non-Metro Employment Trends

Non-Metro Employment Rates

Non-Metro Employment by Sector

Appendix Charts: Employment Levels and Rates by Region

Set 2 - Migration

Census Division Migration 2014

Youth Migration

Set 1 - Population Change

Size and Change of Non-metro Population 2014

Components of Population Change 2014

Immigrant Arrivals in 2014

Appendix Maps: Population Change 1

Appendix Maps: Population Change 2


2014 - Compiled Edition

Set 6 -Youth employment 

Youth employment by occupation 

Youth employment by industry 

Ontario youth employment rates 

Read a commentary on the youth employment series here.

Set 6 - Bonus!

Level of building permits to October 2014

Set 5 - Living arrangements of seniors

Living arrangements of seniors: An overview

Living arrangements of seniors: Collective dwellings

Living arrangements of seniors: Private dwellings

Set 4 - Migration by age group

Under 18 years of age

18-24 years of age

25-44 years of age

45-64 years of age

Migrants 65 and older

Set 3 - Demographics    

Components of population change

Immigrant arrivals

Migrants all ages

Read a commentary on the population change series here.

See a presentation that author Ray Bollman made in September 2014 to the Ontario East Municipal Conference here.

Set 2 - Employment              

Employment Patterns

Trends in employment rates

Change in EI recipients

Read a commentary on the employment series here.

Set 1 - Income                                     

Average income per taxfiler

Non-metro income gap

Male Female non-metro income gap

Read a commentary on the Income series here.



Set 2 - Employment and Economy

Working age population

Patterns of job growth and decline

Employment rates

Change in EI recipients

EI recipients by census division

Employment rates by sector

Change in building permit levels

Set 1 - Rural Ontario geography and population

Overview of Rural Ontario geography  

Ontario's non-metro population

Number of non-metro communities by size

Rate of growth of non-metro population 

Historical patterns of community demographic change 

Components of population change

Immigrant arrivals in 2012

Where are immigrants residing now?

Growth in the number of seniors 

Aboriginal identity population