Social Innovation in Rural Ontario

by Rural Ontario Institute 7. February 2012 16:18

The Rural Ontario Institute will be collaborating with the Centre for Social Innovation and the Ontario Non-Profit Network to offer 6 “Social Innovation Pop-Up Labs” in rural communities over the next 3 years.   These will be events where rural communities can exchange ideas about successful innovation in their communities and learn about lessons learned and new models from other communities.  For example, one recent new announcement from Brock Township highlights the kind of opportunities that are possible.

The Paterson Community Services Building is being developed by local entrepreneur David Slabodkin and is being made available to community organizations to enhance the availability of services in Brock Township.  A four storey building is being constructed as a replica of the former Cannington Queen’s Hotel but with a twist. The Paterson Building will be a 29,000 sq ft state of the art construction featuring a “net-zero” energy emission.    The vision for the Paterson is to provide a Community Services Hub together with a Learning and Innovation Centre.   Cesar Caneo, Director of The Nourish and Develop Foundation states: “The Paterson Building will offer Brock Township a single location to access services and resources that complemented with the future Brock Community Health Centre will make local services more accessible.  A community consultation is the first step to determine what is important to the community and to ensure that community partners and residents have an opportunity for input.”

For further information please contact Cesar Caneo at 705 432 2444 or

Norman Ragetlie, Director, Policy & Stakeholder Engagement